Untitled Goose Game to get free two-player co-op update this September

You'll be able to terrorize people with a friend in Untitled Goose Game once a new update arrives next month.


House House ran beak first into the spotlight last year with the release of its absolutely honktastic indie hit, Untitled Goose Game. Taking on the persona of a troublesome Goose, players had to complete a series of devious tasks as they explored a beautifully crafted world filled with things to do. Now, that adventure is set to get even more troublesome for the unsuspecting townsfolk as a two-player update is coming to Untitled Goose Game in September.

Set to release on September 23, the two-player co-op update will be available free to all Untitled Goose Game owners on all platforms that the game is available on. Speaking of availability, Untitled Goose Game is also set to release on Steam and Itch that same day, bringing even more ways to play as the iconic Goose. We never properly reviewed Untilted Goose Game, but Ozzie Mejia did preview the game back in March of 2019 where he wrote, "Untitled Goose Game gives players all of the power of an average goose. That means they can honk. They can bend down, craning their long necks. Of course, they can also be huge jerks." The game would then go on to become one of the most anticipated indie games of 2019, and eventually even win the Shacknews Indie Game of the Year award after much debate.

It's really great to see House House continuing to support the Goose adventure with this two-player update, especially considering that it's going to be available for free to those who already own the game. We're looking forward to seeing what the developer does in the future with Untitled Goose Game, and definitely interested to see where the studio goes from here as far as new projects are concerned. 

Long story short, Untitled Goose Game is an absolute hit and if you don’t already own it on the Nintendo Switch, then the free September update is giving you even more reason to pick it up.

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