DEEEER Simulator Version 2.0.2 adds a future city with rocket launchers & Akira bikes

In case being able to attach guns to your antlers and destroy present cities wasn't good enough, DEEEER Simulator's 2.0.2 update brings you the future to deer around in as well.


In case you had forgotten, DEEEER Simulator is your everyday deer game where you frolic around using all your very normal deer capabilities like stabby antlers and stretchy necks to do as you please. And then you can swap your stabby antlers for guns and go on a rampage. It’s ridiculous to say the least and it’s about to get moreso with its latest update to Version 2.0.2, which brings a future city full of rocket launchers, Akira bikes, and other references and fun to the game.

Gibier Games and PLAYISM revealed DEEEER Simulator Version 2.0.2 via the game’s Steam page and a new trailer on PLAYISM’s YouTube channel on August 13, 2020. Nicknamed "Teh Future!!1" Update, this major addition to DEEEER Simulator brings a new futurized version of the continent of Orchestra to explore. Prominently showcased during the trailer are glitzy and cyber lighted downtowns full of flying cars, as well as a body-mounted rocket launcher for your deer to happily wreak havoc on all of it and more. The final shot teases a very specific motorbike from a very specific movie about dystopian futures and wrinkly psychic kids. See for yourself below.

We can’t lie. DEEEER Simulator is a bit of a guilty pleasure much in the way Goat Simulator was, but with more deer and antler guns. It’s wonky to say the least and leaves little to be taken seriously, so it’s really just a silly good time. With this latest update of content, it looks like there will be quite a bit more to explore, and new angles on the fun chaos that comes with it in DEEEER Simulator. The update is out now for free, so if you have the game, you should be able to access it. Otherwise, DEEEER Simulator is available as an early access game on Steam for $13.

Want to see more of what we thought about this game? Be sure to check out our hands-on impressions if you want good reasons to explore the bizarre world of DEEEER Simulator and its new update. Teh Future awaits.

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