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Learn the locations of all ten of Solomon's Film Props collectible items in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online has brought about quite a few changes and additions to the online version of GTA5, including ten new collectible items for players to find and acquire. Once you acquire all of these new items, you’ll unlock access to a rare Alien costume. In this guide, we’ll break down all of the Solomon’s Film Props collectible locations in GTA Online.

All Solomon’s Film Props collectible locations

GTA Online is no stranger to collectibles. Throughout the game’s seven years of existence, Rockstar has added quite a few secret items to the world for players to find. The latest includes a batch of 10 film props that have been stolen from Solomon’s office at the movie lot.

Players can kick off the hunt for the 10 items by heading to the movie lot, which should be marked with a massive yellow S on the map. Head inside Solomon’s office and you’ll see a couple of police officers surveying the crime scene, as well as a new message from Solomon asking you to find the various film props that were stolen.

Finding all 10 of the film prop collectibles isn’t necessarily that difficult, at least most of them aren’t. While seven of the 10 are static, the final three are a bit trickier and will require you to search a few different areas at different times of the day to find the prop inside of a vehicle. To make things easier to follow, we’ll break down the first seven items first, then focus on the vehicles and their possible spawn locations.

Meltdown Film Reel

Solomon's film props collectible locations - film reel
Search behind a garbage can just outside of Solomon's office to find this item.

The first collectible you can find after visiting Solomon’s office can actually be found right outside of the building. Exit the office, walk down the stairs, and look to the left. You should spot a trashcan. This film prop can be found behind the trash can. Grab it and then head back into the office to return it.


All solomon's film prop collectibles - headdress
Head inside the Casino to find this collectible.

The next collectible you want to find is up in the Diamond Casino and Resort. Head inside the Casino (you can easily find it on the map if you don’t know where it is) and then make your way to the restroom located in the back of the building. You should be able to easily spot the Headdress piece between two of the urinals inside.

WIFA Award

Solomon's film props collectibles - WIFA Award
Look for this item inside the back office of the Vanilla Unicorn.

From the casino, make your way south to the Vanilla Unicorn, which is located just under Olympic Freeway. You’ll need to get into the back room, and the easiest way to do that is to grab one of the dancers from out in the main area and agree to a personal lap dance. This will get you access to the VIP area. Ignore the dancer and continue through the door to the dressing area in the back. Move through this dressing area and around the corner to find a hallway that leads to the back office. The award can be found on the table inside the back office. Grab it then head out the same way you came in.

Mummy Head

Solomon's film props collectible locations - Mummy Head
You can visit an old house on Route 68 to find this collectible.

The next item on our list will take players up north to the area surrounding Harmony. Make your way down Route 68 headed west. There’s a house just past an old abandoned gas station. If you head up to the front porch of the house, you’ll spot this film prop collectible waiting to be collected.

Alien Head

Solomon's film prop collectibles - Alien Head
Head ot the Beam Me Up mural and look for this item on top of it.

Make your way up to Sandy Shores to find this next collectible. Just west of Sandy Shores proper, you can find a small hippie camp as well as the game’s iconic “Beam Me Up” mural. Make your way up to the top of the mural to find the Alien Head collectible resting on the ground.


Solomon's film props collectibles - Clapperboard
You'll need to head inside Fort Zancudo for this collectible.

The next collectible can be found inside of Fort Zancudo. Getting your hands on this one is going to be a bit tricky if you don’t own one of the hangars at the Fort. If you do own a hangar, you can just waltz right in, otherwise you should bring some body armor and be ready to move fast. You’re going to the Air Traffic Control Tower to find this item. Head inside the double doors to find a small office with this Clapperboard in the corner, waiting to be collected.

Monster Mask

Solmon's film props collectible location - Monster Mask
Take a trip up to the nudist camp to find this item waiting to be collected.

The final of the seven static collectibles included in this set can be found by making your way over to the nudist camp that is found along the mountains just east of Great Ocean Highway. Much like Fort Zancudo, most of the enemies in this area will aggro to you when you come into range. Grab some snacks, ammo, and some body armor, then head inside and look for the mask near the back of the camp.

Now that you’ve acquired the main seven, there are an additional three collectibles for you to keep an eye out for. The final pieces that you need to collect come in the form of three different vehicles that you must find and steal in order to return them. Unlike the previous items we’ve covered, these can be found in a few different locations, and aren’t always findable depending on the time of day.

Pony van

The first vehicle collectible comes in the form of an old Pony van. It can be found in three possible locations:

  • You can find the van parked in the Kortz Center parking lot along North Rockford Drive.
  • You can find it parked just east of the Epsilon Center in Rockford Hills.
  • You can also find the Pony van driving northbound along North Rockford Drive, past the ULSA campus and the Kortz Center.

Rebel truck

This next vehicle is a Karin Rebel that can be found in the following locations:

  • Driving near the Procopio Truck Stop along Great Ocean Highway outside of Paleto.
  • Parked in an alleyway behind Willie’s Supermarket in Paleto Bay.
  • In Paleto Bay, parked in an alleyway behind The Hen House bar.

Rumpo van

This final vehicle can be found in the following locations:

  • Parked outside of Darnell Bros in La Mesa (where you go for certain heists in the singleplayer).
  • Parked in Simmet alley near Textile City. Look for the large banner marking the alley if you’re having trouble finding it.
  • Driving westbound along the San Andreas Avenue Bridge in La Mesa.

Finding all of the vehicles above is by far the trickiest part of completing this new collection. Once you have found and returned all the items, Solomon will reward you with some additional cash and RP, as well as a rare Alien Costume.

Now that you know all the Solomon’s Film Props collectible locations, make sure you head back over to our Grand Theft Auto Online topic for more helpful information.

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