Suicide Squad game teased for reveal by Rocksteady later this August

Batman Arkham veteran developers Rocksteady are teasing a new game focused on Suicide Squad and it appears it will be revealed in late August.


It’s been a while since we heard from our good, Batman game-making pals over at Rocksteady Games. The studio has been quiet for quite a while following the final releases of the Batman Arkham series. However, a studio like Rocksteady doesn’t just up and go away after a successful run, and now we may have a new idea of what the studio is up to. It just teased a new Suicide Squad game with a date set for later this August that may suggest a reveal on that day.

Rocksteady posted a tweet seemingly teasing its new Suicide Squad game on the Rocksteady Studios Twitter on August 7, 2020. The teaser doesn’t say much outside of suggesting that a Suicide Squad game is happening, as well as posting the date of August 22. It seems very likely that we could be getting our first major look at this new Suicide Squad game on that day.

The graphic is also kind of noteworthy. At first glance, it could be confused for Superman, given the cape, curly cue hair tip, and body suit. That said, if you look closely at the image, it seems he’s got some discoloration on his skin and suit. Is this really Superman? Could it be another hero? Or perhaps it’s… Bizarro? The polar opposite of Superman? Now, this dude looks a little clean for Bizarro, but it is curious to see someone so similar to the features of Supes with such a seemingly odd skin condition, never mind the fact that it was rumored (but also denied by Rocksteady) that the developer was working on a Superman game back in 2018.

Regardless, given the popularity of the likes of Harley Quinn, it feels likely that we’ll see Rocksteady’s latest take on her, as well as other villains taking up the Suicide Squad roster. Stay tuned to Shacknews, especially on August 22, when we may see all new gameplay and reveals of a Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady.

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