Server status - Is Fall Guys down?

Players are pushing one another out of the way to work out the server status of Fall Guys and whether or not it's down for maintenance.


The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout server status is brought into question every now and then. Players are often looking to work out whether or not Fall Guys is down, if there’s some ongoing maintenance, or if there are some issues with the server. There are also those who are wondering whether it’s a problem with their own game.

Is Fall Guys down?

Chance are, if you’re here, then yes, Fall Guys is down. However, there’s no telling exactly why Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is down or not working. Given that Fall Guys is an online multiplayer game, the servers are bound to go offline for scheduled maintenance. It’s likely going to be quite rare that the servers are down because of some overload or other problem.

fall guys server status maintenance
A live look at players trying to get into Fall Guys when the servers are down for maintenance.

One valuable source of information players should be aware of is the Fall Guys Server Owl Twitter account. This account tweets out server updates, maintenance windows, and other information pertaining to the Fall Guys server status. While the tweet that’s embedded below won’t apply, it is a good example of the type of information players can expect. Check this Twitter page whenever you suspect a problem.

Some bigger games also undergo weekly or monthly changes and updates. During these times, the servers will go offline. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout isn’t necessarily on the scale of some of these titles, like Destiny 2 and League of Legends, but there could still be times when an update is being pushed through and the team at Mediatonic need to take things offline.

In the event the Fall Guys servers are online and you still can’t play, there’s likely a problem on your end. Players experiencing server connectivity errors are advised to restart their games, turn their consoles and platforms off and on again, and even refresh their network connection by powering down routers and modems for a few minutes. If all else fails, you can also reach out to Mediatonic via the Fall Guys support page.

Whenever the Fall Guys servers go down for maintenance, or there is some confusion over whether or not the servers are down, players can likely become frustrated. By checking the Fall Guys server status via the Server Owl Twitter account, you can ensure you’re kept up to date on any situations. For more news and guides, check out the Shacknews Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout page.

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