Steam has resolved an accidental delisting error

For a short period of time, users weren't able to access the games they already owned in their Steam accounts.


Steam has officially cleared up an issue that's been plaguing the collections of various users around the world.

It appears there was recently an error that where players were simply unable to access games they already had in their collection. The problem began ramping up via Reddit, where it was first documented, after the official Steam subreddit's automatic moderator noted that servers would be going down for routine maintenance.

When the maintenance had concluded, it appeared that several players simply couldn't get into games they already owned. Obviously that was a problem, and one that gave way to players reporting access issues with everything from Doom to Red Dead Redemption 2 to Dead by Daylight. The official Dead by Daylight Twitter account made the problem well-known by tweeting about it just a day ago, noting the intent to fix.

Luckily, Steam soon jumped in the same day to fix the issue, and now it appears things are back the way they should be.

“We’ve fixed an issue where the Steam client wasn’t displaying ownership correctly for some games,” Valve announced via the tweet. “You may need to restart your Steam client for the changes to take effect. Apologies for the disruption.”

It looks like everything is up and running now, but this was probably quite the shakeup while it was going on. Hopefully everything is all good for everyone involved now. 

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