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Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 3 ranks and rewards

A complete breakdown of all the Outlaw Pass No. 3 ranks and rewards in Red Dead Online.


The Outlaw Pass No. 3 is finally here, bringing a slew of new ranks and rewards for players to unlock and acquire. If you’re planning on picking up the new season pass in Red Dead Online, then you’re going to want to know what to expect. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the rewards you can expect at each and every rank.

Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 3 ranks and rewards

Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No.3 ranks and rewards

Purchasing the Outlaw Pass No. 3 in Red Dead Online will cost players 40 Gold Bars. You’ll earn all of this back throughout the various ranks you can reach, along with several other items that you can use to customize your character and playtime in the online game mode. We’ve broken down each of the ranks and rewards in the table below, so let’s take a look.

Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 3 ranks and rewards
Rank # Rewards
1 15% role XP Boost and The Dedham outfit
2 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones
3 5 Gold Bars
4 Burled Wood Grain for any gun
5 Ticket for 1 Free Emote
6 Red Filter for Advanced Camera
7 Hunter Background for Photo Studio and 2,000 XP for Naturalist Role
8 Buckden Rings set
9 Ammo Parcel (Nitro Express Ammo)
10 Riflemen Pose for Photo Studio
11 Ticket for 1 free Mash Refill and 3 Gold Bars off a Bar Décor Item
12 Red Enamel Inlay for any gun or knife
13 Clovelly Shirt
14 5 Gold Bars off a Vitalism Studies Pamphlet of your choice
15 5 Gold Bars
16 Ammo Parcel (.22 Sedative Ammo)
17 Flag for your camp with the West Elizabeth Seal and 1 free shirt (Rank 15 or below)
18 25 Goods added to your Trader stockpile
19 Beat Chest Emote
20 Zizi Belt Buckle
21 5 Animal Revivers
22 Cobalt Cloth Wrap for any repeater, rifle, or shotgun as well as 1 free Ability
23 Hunting Parcel (Potent Herbivore and Potent Predator Bait)
24 Clovelly Hat
25 Confident Dance style and 25% Role XP Boost
26 30% RDO$ off select non-role pamphlets
27 Moonshine Ingredients Parcel and Ammo Ingredients Parcel
28 End Credits Filter for Advanced Camera
29 Clovelly Dropped Suspenders
30 25 Trader Goods
31 Gun Care Parcel (Gun Oil) and 1 Treasure Map
32 Ammo Parcel (Nitro Express Ammo)
33 Blue Enamel Inlay for any gun or knife
34 Socialites Pose for Photo Studio
35 Clovelly Boots
36 1 Select Hat for free (Rank 15 or below)
37 Swamp Background for Photo Studio
38 Horse Care Parcel
39 5 Gold Bars
40 Knight Buckle
41 Charcoal Filter for the Advanced Camera
42 Flag for your camp with the Saint Denis city seal
43 Bandit Mask and Ammo Parcel (.22 Sedative Ammo)
44 25 Trader Goods
45 30% role XP boost
46 Get 30% RDO$ off the Wilderness Camp and 40% RDO$ off select saddles
47 100 RDO$
48 Burdall Hat
49 50% RDO$ off select Novice or Promising items from any current role
50 Mystery Reward ticket
51 40% RDO$ off Ponchos and 5 Gold Bars
52 2 Collectibles Parcels
53 Green Enamel Inlay for any gun or knife
54 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones
55 1 free emote
56 Hunters Pose for Photo Studio
57 Tipsy walking style
58 Abbington Cap and Drunk Filter for Advanced Camera
59 Flag for camp with Guarma seal on it
60 Iguga Belt Buckle
61 1 free shirt (Rank 15 or below)
62 2 Collectibles Parcels
63 Goatherd Outfit for Cripps
64 5 Gold Bars
65 Amador Boots and 1 free Mash Refill
66 5 Animal Revivers
67 50% RDO$ off Established or Distinguished items in current roles
68 Abbington Nightgown
69 Exotic Background for Photo Studio
70 5 Gold Bars
71 Amador Pants
72 Guarma Filter
73 Rock Paper Scissors emote and 40% RDO$ off a Double Bandolier of your choice (Catalogue only)
74 1 Treasure Map
75 5 Gold Bars
76 Canine Pose for Photo Studio
77 Mystery Reward Ticket
78 Amador Coat
79 New Metal Styles for the Gunsmith and 5 Gold Bars
80 Golden Spirit Belt Buckle and The Zapatero Outfit

Now that you know exactly what to expect from the Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 3 ranks and rewards, make sure you head back over to our Red Dead Online guide for even more helpful information.

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