Rocket Arena Season 1 introduces new hero Flux

Rocket Arena kicks off its Season 1 this Tuesday and EA's free-to-play multiplayer arena shooter is about to get a new character.


Now that new multiplayer arena shooter Rocket Arena has started to establish itself, the time has arrived for EA and Final Strike Games to launch its first competitive season. Season 1 will usher in some new maps, new events, and a whole new character named Flux.

Flux is a child prodigy out of Propulsion Prep. Graduating at the top of her class, Flux brings along a new ability called Fluxverse, which allows her to cloak herself for a short period. Offensively, she uses the Rockats, cat-like rockets that bounce along the ground until they find their target. Her special move is the Black Hole Cat, a giant Rockat that creates a massive black hole, one that grows in both size and damage.

As Season 1 begins, the limited-time events will start to trickle in. August 12 will see the start of the Blast in Paradise event, which introduces a slew of themed challenges, tropical cosmetics, special unlocks, and six new playlists. On top of that, the Lagoon of Doom and Grand Harbor maps will be added to the permanent rotation. The former is built around a series of fogged-up waterfalls, while the latter is set around a handful of wrecked pirate ships.

The Blast Pass will start up with Season 1, which contains 117 different rewards and 33 outfits. Paid and free tiers are both available and will last throughout the next couple of months. This includes September's event, the Runaway Megadon, which takes players through the train tracks of the new Kayo Kanyon map.

You can find more details on the start of Season 1 on the Rocket Arena website. It's set to begin this Tuesday, July 28, so be sure to brush up on the latest patch notes. And if you want to learn more about Rocket Arena, be sure to read up on our review. Remember that it's available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with cross-play enabled across all platforms.

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