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New Tell Me Why gameplay shows off the heartwarming tale of the Ronan twins

Dontnod's latest tale is a tearjerker that'll have you on the edge of your seat, and it's coming to Xbox Series X.


Not yet had your fill of Dontnod Entertainment? Lucky for you, the team has another game in store for us: Tell Me Why. This touching adventure follows the Ronan Twins throughout their trek through Alaska.

The pair trek through their own memories from childhood and onward, as they share a special supernatural bond that lets them interact with and analyze all the past moments that have happened to them as they've grown up over the years. In true Dontnod fashion, you'll have to make important decisions as you

Of course, you may have also expected that the game will be episodic. However, the one difference here between Tell Me Why and older Dontnod titles is the fact that it will not release episodically. The other game Dontnod is currently working on, Twin Mirror, is skipping the episodic route as well, opting instead to release the entirety of the game all at once.

It appears that shifting narratives will be an important part of the game, especially since the pair will be exploring important fundamentals of the story as you work to make sure the bond between siblings Tyler and Alyson is as strong as it can be. You may even have to rely on false memories from time to time to make sense of what's happening.

Currently, the game is slated for launch on August 27, 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass and PC.

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