All House of Tricky Ninjas Toad locations - Paper Mario: The Origami King

Having trouble finding the hidden Toads inside Paper Mario: The Origami King's House of Tricky Ninjas? No worries, Shacknews is here with all of their locations.


Paper Mario: The Origami King welcomes you to to Shogun Studios, the ninja-iest place in the Mushroom Kingdom. But with the theme park empty, that leaves Mario and his friends to search the area for any signs of life. His search eventually takes him to the House of Tricky Ninjas, where players are challenged to find 25 Tricky Ninja Toads for a prize.

Finding these Tricky Ninja Toads can be a daunting task, but no worries, because Shacknews is here to help! Here are the locations of the Tricky Ninja Toads, as well as a walkthrough of the area, in general.

All House of Tricky Ninjas Toad locations - Paper Mario: The Origami King

To start out, simply walk into the House of Tricky Ninjas. (Bob-omb will stay outside, like he does.)

  1. Toad #1 is a giveaway. It's right past the first door.
  2. Walk through the hallway into the next room. Hit the lantern in the bottom-right corner with your Hammer.
  3. Hit the chest in the bottom-left corner with your Hammer. Jump on the chest and pull the Toad out.
  4. Open the door just above the chest on the bottom-left corner.
  5. Open the closet door and pull the rope.
  6. Shut the closet door and then open the other closet door on the left.
  7. Hit the sand pit in the center of the room with your Hammer.
  8. Pull the rope in the top-left corner by the exit.
  9. In the next room, walk to the top-left corner and flip the tile. (Note: Several of these tiles will contain Folded Soldiers, so you'll have to take part in a few battles.)
  10. The second square tile from the top-right corner contains a Toad.
  11. Another square tile along the bottom-center contains a Toad.
  12. The square tile on the bottom-right corner contains a Toad.
  13. The square tile on the right-center side contains a Toad.
  14. After you use your Hammer to flip Mario over behind the wall, there's another rope. Pull it to reveal the last Toad in this room.
  15. Walk across the courtyard into the next room. (Note: Make sure you stop and hit the maintenance room in the back of the courtyard and find Luigi before proceeding any further, otherwise you'll have to do the Tricky House all over again.) Once you exit the courtyard to the left, go back to the door you just entered to find spikes with the next Toad.
  16. Another Toad is on a bed of spikes along the top-center of the room.
  17. Another Toad is on a bed of spikes along the top-left corner of the room.
  18. There's a Toad on a bed of spikes along the bottom-center of the room, near the door.
  19. There's a second Toad directly on the bed of spikes next to the previous Toad.
  20. Pull the rope in the top-left corner of the room to bring down a staircase and reveal another Toad.
  21. Climb the staircase and walk along the beam on the left side. Hit the loose yellow brick with your Hammer to reveal another Toad. (Note: You can use your Hammer to bop the rats and defeat them instantly, avoiding battles.)
  22. Walk along the beam on the right side and hit a loose wall to reveal another Toad.
  23. Jump over to the bottom-right corner. Use your Hammer to reveal hidden blocks and make your way to the treasure chest, which contains a Toad.
  24. Fall in-between the gap on the bottom of the screen to reach the next door. Walk through the door and close it behind you to reveal another Toad.
  25. Hit the loose floorboard with your Hammer to reveal a staircase. Hit the cabinets from right-to-left to reveal a Treasure. However, hit the cabinet one more time to reveal the final Toad.

Your final challenge is to survive an onslaught of Folded Soldiers. From there, use the 1,000-Fold Arms to peel the Thwomp sticker and then sprint down the bottom-center of the screen to avoid being crushed. If the Thwomps crush you, it's Game Over and you'll start back at the Save Block before the Folded Soldiers fight.

Congratulations! You've survived and found all 25 hidden Toads. You'll receive a Treasure for your troubles!

We'll have more on Mario's latest adventure in the days ahead. In the meantime, be sure to follow our continuing Paper Mario: The Origami King coverage.

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