How to get Oobsidian - Ooblets


Oobsidian is one of the rarer resources you can collect in Ooblets and if you don’t know how to farm for this item, you might find yourself struggling to acquire it. Thankfully, we’ve figured out some helpful tricks, which we’ll break down in this guide. Here’s everything you need to know to get Oobsidian more often in Ooblets.

How to get Oobsidian

As we stated above, Oobsidian is a very rare resource in the world of Ooblets. Much like Clothlets, which are required for a lot of crafting, Oobsidian will often appear in more advanced crafting tasks and is needed for every major task you take on in Badgetown. If you’re having trouble collecting Oobsidian, then follow these tips to maximize your gains so you can stop worrying so much and get back to growing your Ooblets.

Break rocks

How to get Oobsidian - Ooblets

One of the most basic ways to get your hands on Oobsidian is to break rocks on your farm each day. When you smash them, rocks will have a chance to drop a piece of Oobsidian, as well as other resources that you can use. Because of this, you’re going to want to make sure you leave enough open space on your farm for rocks and other items to spawn each day. Also, make sure you don’t waste all your Energy smashing rocks or you’ll have to eat some food or take a nap to restore it.

Go Sea Dangling

Sea Dangling for Oobsidian - Ooblets

Another great way to get Oobsidian and other resources is to go Sea Dangling. This is Ooblets’ version of fishing and it can often reward you with some good items to add to your collection back at home. While it’s a bit unlikely you’ll earn Oobsidian very often, it is still a good way to decompress at the end of each day and add some additional possible items to your hunt for Oobsidian.

Assign Sparkly Ooblets to Oobcoops

Oobcoops allow you to set your Ooblets up around your farm, making it so that they can take care of crops and complete other tasks around the homestead. Perhaps one of the more useful things that Ooblets in Oobcoops can do is generate Oobsidian. See, each Sparkly Ooblet that you put into an Oobcoop has a chance to generate a piece of Oobsidian while it is busy working around the farm, giving you a passive way to increase your chances of finding this rare resource.

Search people’s homes

Search Homes for Oobsidian - Ooblets

Another popular way to find rare items is to go rifling through other people’s stuff. While this might be frowned upon in real life, the people of Ooblets don’t really care if you go through their junk. Head into any house or building that you can and look around for places you can find items. These spots are usually sparkling somehow and will often reward you with Oobsidian or other useful stuff.

Buy them with Wishies

But Oobsidian with Wishies - Ooblets

The final way that we’re going to cover is one that we don’t really recommend due to how expensive Oobsidian is. As you progress through Ooblets you’ll earn Wishies, a special currency that can be turned in via the Wishy Well in the center of Badgetown. You can purchase a variety of items here, including Clothlets and Oobsidian. The kicker, though, is that Oobsidian will cost you 100 Wishies for each piece, making it a bit of a money sink. The Wishy Well is also how you’ll increase what kind of Ooblets you see around town, so try not to waste all your Wishies on resources you can get other ways.

Now that you know how to get Oobsidian, you’re ready to continue your journey. Head over to our Ooblets topic for even more handy information and content.

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