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Risk of Rain 2 sets August launch date for 1.0 update

Risk of Rain 2 will be exiting Steam Early Access with its 1.0 update, which is now set for mid-August.


Risk of Rain 2 has slowly been marching towards its 1.0 release and its journey towards its official launch now looks to be nearing its end. On Tuesday, Gearbox Publishing and developer Hopoo Games announced that the roguelike shooter would complete its Steam Early Access stint in August and its big 1.0 update would include both a new Survivor and the game's final boss.

The development had previously put Risk of Rain 2's final character to a community vote. After acquiring over 60,000 votes, the people have decided on The Captain, who will operate as both a utility character and as DPS. His shotgun-rifle combo can stun targets and set them up for more powerful characters. As his name implies, The Captain also has access to his own dropship, the UES Safe Travels. The dropship can deploy support probes and beacons, which can supply armor and healing zones for himself, as well as his allies.

The big 1.0 update will feature a new stage containing a slew of lunar monsters. It will also be home to the game's final boss. What is the final boss? Hopoo is staying quiet in regards to specifics. Just be ready for a titanic clash. Early Risk of Rain 2 adopters have been training months for this moment.

Look for the launch update to include two new items: the magma-based Molten Perforator and the draining Super Massive Leech. Survivors will receive some new skill variants. And those looking for a better matchmaking experience will find one with the new Server Browser feature, which allows users to search or create their own dedicated servers.

Following an early access stint that first began in March 2019, look for Risk of Rain 2 to hit 1.0 on Tuesday, August 11. At that point, its price will jump to $24.99, so anybody looking to cement the early adopter price of $19.99 can grab it from Steam Early Access right now. Look for the 1.0 update to come to consoles at a later date.

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