Snapshot VR is coming to Early Access in July

Experience high-octane paintball matches in virtual-reality with Snapshot VR.


Everyone loves paintball. There’s just something so gratifying about shooting your friends with balls of paint, while dressed up in fatigues as you run around trees or courses. Now, thanks to the team at Giant Scam Industries, the action of paintball is making its way to VR. Snapshot VR looks to take the intensity of paintball and deliver it straight to your gaming PC, and it’s coming to early access this July.

Snapshot VR arrives in Early Access this month

Announced on July 20, Snapshot VR will be coming to Early Access on Windows PC on July 28. This exciting new paintball experience will be playable on the Viveport platform, with a Steam release planned for later this year.

As for the team behind the scenes, Giant Scam Industries has some experience in both the VR world and paintball world. The developers have worked on the positively-rated Chop It, which is a karate and rhythm game while also having over a decade’s worth of experience playing real-life competitive paintball. The blending of VR and paintball is the next logical step. Recently the team launched an extended developer diary showcasing its dive into this effort with Snapshot VR. You can check out the extended cut of Between the Bunkers Episode 1 below.

Teams in Snapshot VR are comprised of 5 players with the goal to either eliminate the opposing team or shoot the other team’s buzzer. The bevvy of pre-release images showcase what appears to be planning modes, where teams can strategize and draw on a map setup similar to NRL whiteboards.

The game looks to hone in on that quick and rapid nature of competitive paintball matches. In a world where battle royale games can push a match out in the 30 and 40 minute mark, it’s enticing to see a competitive shooter where a round could last as little as 45 seconds.

Snapshot VR will be available in Early Access on Windows PC via Viveport on July 28, with subscribers of Viveport Infinity being able to pick it up for free. Steam users can expect a release later in the year. Be sure to check out the Snapshot VR site for ongoing updates and news about this paintball-cross-VR title.

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