How to upgrade weapons - Ghost of Tsushima

Learn how to upgrade your various weapons in Ghost of Tsushima, the next adventure from Sucker Punch Productions.


Like any open-world RPG, Ghost of Tsushima has plenty of weapons and gadgets for players to make use of. As you explore the world, you’re going to find yourself coming up against tougher enemies and more challenging scenarios. One way to prepare for these parts of the game is to upgrade your weapons. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to upgrade your katana, bow, and even how to make your various Ghost weapons more powerful.

How to upgrade weapons

Much like upgrading your armor, the process to upgrade your weapons is a two-part process. First, you’re going to need to find various crafting materials like Bamboo, Iron, Steel, and of course, Supplies – the game’s main currency.

how to upgrade weapons - ghost of tsushima
Weapons like the sword and bow can be upgraded using various materials and Supplies.

As we explained in our guide on how to upgrade your armor, you’ll want to search the world for camps and other locations to find items like Steel and Iron. These are especially plentiful around Mongol strongholds and roadblocks, so be sure to take out the enemy and then loot before you move on. You can also check inside of the buildings in villages and towns for plenty of other materials you can stock up on. You’ll also be able to earn crafting materials and Supplies from the Gift Vendor that is located in major towns. We’re not exactly sure what triggers new Gifts, but we’ll talk more about that in another guide.

Once you’ve collected the materials that you need, you can head to the Swordsmith to upgrade your katana and kanto. Upgrading these weapons will allow you to increase the amount of damage you do, as well as speed up stealth kills. Those wanting to upgrade their Half Bow or Longbow will want to visit the Bowyer, which can usually be found near Swordsmiths. There are quite a few upgrades available throughout the story, so make sure you’re taking time to tend to your weapons and make them more powerful.

Now that you know how to upgrade weapons, make sure you check out the rest of the content in our Ghost of Tsushima guide. We’ve put together a ton of helpful content to make sure you get the most out of the war-torn island.

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