Unboxing & review: Warframe goodie bag

Greg unboxes a special Warframe goodie bag from the game's developers, Digital Extremes.


Here are Shacknews, we’re pretty big fans of Warframe, the free-to-play cooperative game from Digital Extremes. Recently we managed to get our hands on a special mystery box of different types of merchandise from the Warframe developer and we’re going to unbox it and take a look at it today!

The first thing out of the goodie bag is a pair of Warframe branded socks. Featuring the various icons of all of the different enemy factions in the Warframe universe, these socks are a great way to keep your feet warm while also showing off your love for the Tenno. Next up is an exclusive t-shirt featuring all of the main villains in a stylish design.

One of the bigger parts of the mystery box is a special Excalibur figure made by Symbiote. It features two attachable weapons, as well as poseable arms and head. It’s a good-looking figure, though it doesn’t quite have the same collector’s appeal that a more refined statue might bring to the table. Still, it looks good enough to go along with other collectibles on your shelf, and Warframe fans would no doubt love to get their hands on something like this.

Finally, the real bread and butter of the box is a specially designed skateboard deck featuring some unique artwork from the Warframe universe. It’s a stylish looking deck that any boarder would love to show off in their collection.

As always, you can check out the full video of the unboxing above. This mystery gift box featured a lot of cool stuff and just goes to show the kind of things that Digital Extremes can create for their merchline if they wanted to do one in the future. As Warframe fans ourselves, being able to pick up different merch for the game would be fantastic.

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