Monster Truck Championship Exclusive gameplay trailer showcases racing & stunts

Monster Truck Championship is bringing one of the only true monster truck racing sims to players, including lap racing, stunts, jumps, and other events of the high-octane spectacle.


In the world of racing sims, there’s quite an array of both popular and niche motorsports covered, but no one has really taken a serious approach to the arena of monster trucks. That’s where TEYON Studio and NACON come in with Monster Truck Championship. It’s a full-blown monster truck racing sim featuring different events of the sport and we’ve got an exclusive trailer showing off all the action-packed goods of a solid Sunday (SUNDAY! SUNDAY!) race in the dirt arena.

TEYON Studio and Nacon shared an exclusive video of gameplay for Monster Truck Championship with us here at Shacknews. Coming in October 2020 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on PC, and later to Nintendo Switch, Monster Truck Championship hosts a full-throttle racing experience featuring the giants of the dirt track. Players will be able to take on the realistic handling and physics of 16 giant and customizable vehicles across 25 United States circuits, including adjustable driving features such as independent front- and rear-wheel control, and adjustment of different mechanical elements, such as the suspensions and gearboxes of the vehicles to perform everything from fast paced races to death-defying, car frame-crushing stunts.

Alongside the customizable elements of the trucks, vast array of circuits and events, and various vehicles available, Monster Truck Championship will feature a full-fledged career mode in which players will manage maintenance and upgrades to their vehicle alongside hiring technicians to aid in peak performance and sponsorships to keep the cashflow coming in through events. If you want to take your favorite vehicle against fellow gearheads and monster truck fans, the game will also feature an online multiplayer mode with support for up to eight players.

With Monster Truck Championship coming this Fall, it’s looking well worth the price of admission. And heck, even if admission covers the whole seat, it’s looking like we’ll only need the edge. Be sure to follow the game on Twitter and Facebook to learn more and stay tuned to Shacknews for more details as we approach the initial October 2020 launch.

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