EPOS Audio aims to bring next-level audio to gamers worldwide

The company has its sights set on gamers with plans to offer some of the finest headsets on the market.


Founded earlier this year under the umbrella of healthcare audio giant Demant, EPOS Audio aims to bring the power of high-quality audio reproduction to the gaming headset market. The company will focus on a range of products, including co-branded releases of items currently under the Sennheiser brand.

EPOS also has plans to introduce gaming headsets under EPOS-only branding with the first product release scheduled for October 2020. Founded on the belief in “The Power of Audio” to transport gamers to another dimension, EPOS understands that gaming – and superior gaming audio - provides an unparalleled balm to the brain. EPOS products deliver powerful, visceral experiences for unsurpassed amounts of in-game immersion and flow. Transporting gamers to a different reality, EPOS audio enhances every vital sound cue, delivering total clarity of communication for a spellbinding experience. Each product is created to take technology, design, and performance to unprecedented levels.

The EPOS gaming website already carries listings for some of the world’s most popular headsets that were previously sold under the Sennheiser name, including the GSP 600 and GSP 370. Our own Bill Lavoy reviewed the GSP 370 last year, giving it high marks for both sound quality and unparalleled battery life. If the EPOS brand starts with such products from Day 1, the future of the brand looks pretty bright.

That said, the gaming audio market is very crowded right now with a variety of options from virtually every major gaming peripheral manufacturer. A strong pedigree will help EPOS make a dent in the market. Keep your browser pointed to Shacknews for more news on upcoming EPOS audio solutions as information is made available.

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