Unboxing: Pan Am board game

Greg takes a look at the Pan Am board game, an experience that focuses on building your own airline.


In the age of video games and social distancing, it can be hard to think about seeing friends face-to-face. It can be even harder to imagine flying. But today, we’re looking at a very special board game called Pan Am, and it’s all about expanding your own airline! Please take a look below as we unbox this glorious ode to the 1930s and ‘60s.

Unboxing: Pan Am board game

Rated for 2 to 4 players, a game of Pan Am should last about an hour. However, players should likely take into account learning and some setup with the time also varying based on player count. The box and contents feature a stylish art style. Inside players will find counters, cards, aeroplane pieces, and a large map featuring routes.

The back of the back offers the following overview of the Pan Am experience:

From the island hoppers of the ‘30s to glamorous jet liners of the 1960s, Pan Am set the pace of the airline industry. Compete with Pam Am and other players as the head of your own fledgling airline. Expand your fleet of planes, build airports, outbid rivals for landing rights, and create your own globe circling air system.

Play through decades of air travel history alongside ever-growing Pan Am: make a fortune when they buy your routes, invest in Pan Am stock when it’s cheap, and don’t get pushed out of the skies by your competition!

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