Industry legend Tom Hall joins ARVR studio Resolution Games

Joining Mike Booth, original id Software alumni Tom Hall has become the latest to join up with ARVR studio Resolution Games.


The virtual reality studio behind Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!, Resolution Games is continuing to add to its ranks with a major announcement this week. Tom Hall, an id Software original alumni known for his work on Commander Keen, Doom, and Rise of the Triad, has joined Resolution as a Senior Creative Director and is bringing his more than 30 years of experience over to new projects within the company.

Resolution Games announced the addition of Tom Hall to its staff in a press release on June 24, 2020. Hall brings the staff at Resolution Games up to 66 as the company continues work on at least two upcoming VR titles, the colorful cooking adventure Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale and PVP VR shooter Blaston.

“Tom has been a key figure in shaping what video games have become over the last 30 years,” said CEO of Resolution Games Tommy Palm. “While many have seen the VR gaming industry as struggling to find its voice, Resolution Games has been proud to lead with some of the biggest titles available to date. We’re ecstatic to have Tom join us as we shape what’s to come, and look forward to how his contributions will help to define the future of the space.”

Tom Hall's efforts on VR date back to experiments with Wolfenstein 3D back in 1992, but he has dabbled with the technology through the decades.
Tom Hall's efforts on VR date back to experiments with Wolfenstein 3D back in 1992, but he has dabbled with the technology through the decades.

For his part, Tom Hall has expressed excitement in joining Resolution to re-engage in work in the virtual reality gaming space.

“I've been a fan of VR and AR for a long time,” said Hall. “Most people don’t know this, but I actually made my first VR game in 1992! It was a fuzzy, early attempt at bringing Wolfenstein 3-D to virtual reality that turned out to be a lot of fun. When a friend pinged me about an opportunity at Resolution Games - undoubtedly one of the highest quality VR/AR devs in the world - I jumped at it! These are still the early days of what will become a fascinating technology woven into our lives, and I can't wait to see what bold, fun experiences we can make together.”

Hall’s addition to the Resolution Games staff makes the second high-profile pick up for the studio in a short while. Previously, after his exit from management of Facebook VR, Left 4 Dead creator Mike Booth also joined the company as part of its Board of Directors.

With Resolution Games stacking its deck when it comes to solid staff and experience in the industry and no lack of upcoming projects in the VR/AR space, it will be interesting to see what Tom Hall brings to the overall line-up of Resolution.

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