Children of Morta welcome Apan with free Bergsons' House update

The Children of Morta family is getting a little bigger with today's Bergsons' House update, as the family welcomes battle medic Apan.


Developer Dead Mage is continuing to bring new updates to Children of Morta and this latest one may be one of the biggest to date. For those who are ready to embark on the adventure for the first time or maybe relive the whole story all over again, those players will now have an all-new character to choose from. Wednesday's free Bergsons' House update will add Apan, the Clan Mother, as a new playable character.

Apan hails from the most northern corners of Mount Morta. She brings along an all-new play style, introducing more of a battle medic style. She'll use her powerful staff to inflict intense area-of-effect damage to enemies with abilities like the Asva Pulse dash. But it's her medical knowledge that makes her an asset on the battlefield. On top of boosting the effects of healing potions during play, Apan can allow the family to gain shields off of items, abilities, and Apan's Rage skill.

Apan's artistic design is unique in that it was created by one of the original Children of Morta Kickstarter backers and his partner. They note via press release that their initial aim was to design an orphan character, but ultimately designed her to be a mother figure to help better complement the rest of the Children of Morta cast.

On top of Apan and her unique shielding skills and passive healing abilities, players can also expect to find nine new cutscenes, 32 new Runes for this new character, as well as bug fixes and HUD/UI tweaks. The Bergsons' House update is available today on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for absolutely free. If you're thinking about trying Children of Morta for the first time, but are feeling undecided, be sure to read through our original review.

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