The Outlast Trials gets new trailer on PC Gaming Show 2020

Red Barrels will be challenging you to survive with friends in upcoming multiplayer horror The Outlast Trials, with a new trailer revealed on PC Gaming Show 2020.


Outlast has always asked players to survive alone and vulnerable against its intensely terrifying and violent threats, but in The Outlast Trials, Red Barrels, players will bring friends with them into the nightmare. It remains to be seen if being able to split a killer’s attention among your friends will make it any easier to survive death in The Outlast Trials, but on the PC Gaming Show 2020, we got a fresh new look at the terror in store for us and our fellow survivors.

Red Barrels launched the latest trailer for The Outlast Trials on the PC Gaming Show on June 13, 2020. Set in the Cold War for reasons unknown at the moment, this latest entry in the series has some pretty unwilling patients being affixed with some unremovable nightvision head gear and before they end up lose in the usual Outlast escapades of running from and outthinking stalking death. Unlike previous Outlast games, The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer affair in which several players will take on the roles of survivors trying to help each other escape the deadly situation. Announced back in December 2019, we got our first good look at the game with the trailer below.

Although Outlast 2 is pretty favorably regarded if you look at Steam reviews, some players to be a bit of a letdown in comparison to the first game, relying a little too much on grisly violence to be as compelling, although there is arguably more to the story and endings than meets the eye. The Outlast Trials seems to at least offer an neat spin on the concept by taking what made these run and hide puzzle-solving survival games interesting and adding the aspect of co-op to them. It will be interesting to see what that amounts to. Will we truly be in partnership all along? Can we abandon our friends to a killer if it means escape? Will there be branching narratives based on who lives, who dies, and how we did it?

There are a lot of questions for The Outlast Trials to answer and very little information at this time beyond what we saw in the teaser. With a 2021 launch window, stay tuned to Shacknews as we watch closely for information and details regarding this co-op horror affair.

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