Horizon: Forbidden West revealed for PS5

Alloy returns in our first look at Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5, a direct sequel to Guerilla Games' hit adventure Horizon Zero Dawn.


When Guerilla Games released Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017, the studio took a massive leap outside of its comfort zone. Mostly known for its work on titles from the Killzone series, Guerilla introduced players to a wonderful, beautiful, and dangerous world full of mechanical creatures resembling dinosaurs and other wildlife. It was a delightful journey of mystery in a world unlike any we’d seen before from the development team. Now, the developers are taking players on a brand-new adventure as Aloy works to solve the mysteries surrounding the machines and the “old world” that was left behind.

Horizon: Forbidden West will take Aloy on an exciting adventure as she faces off against new enemies and unravels the dangerous forces that we were first introduced to in the original. Based on what we’ve seen in the trailer, Horizon Forbidden West will introduce us to new mechanical enemies and even new human enemies as Aloy makes her way further across the world.

The trailer also shows off a few new mechanics that will appear in Forbidden West as well, including the ability to dive underwater and take on new aquatic-based enemies. Unfortunately, additional details are still very scarce, and no release window was even given for the upcoming title.

Despite the lack of details, it is nice to know that Guerilla is actually working on a continuation for the story, and it appears to include some important characters that seemed to vanish near the end of the first game, like Lance Reddick’s Sylens, who spent much of the original helping Aloy understand the old world.

We’re excited to see how Guerilla Games pushes the series further with Horizon: Forbidden West, and those looking to learn more can keep their eyes glued to our PlayStation 5 news hub. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the studio for any additional updates over the coming months.

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