Rainbow Six Siege free weekend includes free outfit for The Division 2

Rainbow Six Siege is getting another free weekend, but also getting a little something that might attract anyone playing The Division 2.


A new season for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is getting ready to launch, which is always a good time for newcomers to discover the game for the first time. So with Operation Steel Wave on the horizon, Ubisoft is offering up a fresh free weekend for its tactical shooter, while also offering an incentive for anybody currently playing one of its sister games.

The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is set to begin this Thursday, June 11 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The full game will be available and that includes all maps and game modes. Newcomers will only get the base Operators, but it shouldn't take too long to start unlocking the rest of the massive cast. And if you do manage to unlock other Operators over the course of the free weekend, your progress will carry over beyond the trial period. Good thing the game will be on sale for 75 percent off by the time the free trial kicks off.

If you've been busy playing a different Tom Clancy game, then this Rainbow Six Siege free weekend may intrigue you, as well. Anybody who participates in the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend can pick up a special five-piece outfit based on Thermite, the explosive Siege Operator, for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. You can find your reward waiting for you in the Ubisoft Club. The Division 2 will host a State of the Game livestream on Wednesday morning, so tune in for more details on this promotion, as well as everything else going on in Ubisoft's massive shooter.

If you want cosmetics for your Rainbow Six Siege characters and either already own the game or plan to pick it up, then you may also want to jump on Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime members can claim four Operator sets over the next four weeks, starting with a new skin and charm for Lesion. Ying, Twitch (the Operator, not the website), and Maestro will get special skins in the weeks ahead.

The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend will go from June 11-14. While the new season has not begun, if you want more details on what's coming to Ubisoft's tactical shooter, be sure to read up on our Operation Steel Wave hands-on preview.

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