The Waylanders confirms pets will be in the game, and you can pet dogs

Get your pet on with various pets for the Ranger class, from furry to scaly and everything in between.


The Waylanders is marching toward a release date announcement soon, but before that happens, we have to talk about the Ranger class. You're going to want to sit down for this one. Ready? Rangers get to choose from 12 different animal companions to play with.

Yes, you read that correctly. As a Ranger in The Waylanders, you can travel along with pet companions who level up alongside you and utilize different abilities to damage, heal, buff, and debuff which wreaking havoc on your enemies. 

Some pets are race and advanced class-specific, but most can travel by any kind of Ranger. Unfortunately, petting animals isn't an early access feature, but it's coming to the game – and likely something that will be fleshed out, since developers are asking if fans are excited to have the option to interact with their animals.

Here's the Ranger Pet rundown:

  • Dog - A furry friend with a distracting bark and sharp bite
  • Wolf - A cunning pack hunter with a self-healing attacks and an invigorating howl
  • Wild Boar - A tough ally with sharp tusks and a devastating charge
  • Deer - A swift fighter with sharp hooves and a hard skull
  • Rabbit - A lightning-quick companion with some unexpected tricks
  • Bear - A fearsome guardian with savage jaws
  • Raven - A dark omen on wings with a razor beak
  • Jay - A colorful bird with sharp talons and a swooping assault
  • Panther - A lithe predator that favors pouncing and biting
  • Spider - A patient, terrifying huntress with a prickly web
  • Dragon - A legendary beast with powerful wings and explosive breath
  • Drake - A scaly-skinned carnivore with a lethal charge and deadly breath

Magic users will get their own special set of pets in the form of spectral creatures that may be summoned beside the party for a short time, like with the Summon the Wild invocation. There will be quite a few of these to explore.

The Waylanders is planned for release this year, though it doesn't have a concrete release date. We'll be keeping an eye out. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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