Panda Global & HyperX team up on new blue light protection eyewear

HyperX and Panda Global have announced a new collaboration on blue light and UV protection eyewear for gaming and everyday use.


Protecting your vision is important if you’re going to be playing at the competitive level where noticing even the most minimal of details can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Gaming tech company HyperX of Kingston Technology and esports team Panda Global know this. That’s why they’ve recently teamed up on a special edition set of blue light protection eyewear that comes in both normal and prescription glass varieties coming this Summer.

HyperX and Panda Global announced their eyewear collaboration in a press release on May 28, 2020. Coming sometime this Summer 2020, a new set of Panda Global edition protective eyewear will be available on the HyperX eyewear store. HyperX has been working with partner EyeKing for a while to produce eyewear that features protection against UV and artificial blue light to help protect eyes during interaction with electronic screens in both gaming and every day use, but this new product marks one of the first collaborations with an esports team on gaming eyewear and features PG’s distinct colors and style on HyperX’s arguably high-quality product. The HyperX Panda Global Edition Gaming Eyewear will be available in standard lense (starting at $99.99) as well as prescription options.

Smash Bros Pikachu main Eric
Smash Bros Pikachu main Eric "ESAM" Lew won't be the only one rocking HyperX and Panda Global's new blue light and UV protection eyewear as they become available on HyperX's store later this season. [Image by Panda Global]

Panda Global is a fantastic partner for HyperX in this regard. PG is practically a household name in competitive Smash Bros, featuring not only comprehensive ranking of players on the PGRU for Smash Bros Ultimate and previous Smash game rankings, but also iconic players like Pikachu prodigy Eric “ESAM” Lew. Given that ESAM has almost always worn glasses in the past, it feels likely that we could see him rocking HyperX and Panda Global’s new collab often in the future.

The HyperX Panda Global Edition Gaming Eyewear doesn’t appear to be a limited edition product at this time, but COVID-19 has definitely put a delay on orders, as noted on the HyperX website, so bear that in mind when these glasses become available. Nonetheless, the collaboration between HyperX and Panda Global looks great if you’re looking to keep your eyes protected and rep a solid organization when they launch. Keep an eye on HyperX and Panda Global or stay tuned here at Shacknews for an upcoming launch date.

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