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Unable to verify game ownership - Minecraft Dungeons

Learn more about what the "unable to verify game ownership" error means in Minecraft Dungeons.


Minecraft Dungeons is finally here but unfortunately some players are running into problems verifying game ownership. This error seems to crop up at random times and actually prevents players from getting into the game.

Unable to verify game ownership

Minecraft Dungeons is currently displaying an error message to a few players when they try to start the game. Some players are seeing the error “Unable to verify game ownership”. This is problematic, especially when said players have already paid for Xbox Game Pass, the PC version of said subscription, or bought the game outright.

minecraft dungeons unable to verify game ownership
Mojang Studios is currently aware of the Minecraft Dungeons error that states it is unable to verify game ownership.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a guaranteed fix, however, Mojang Studios is aware of the problem. It seems as if the problem is related to “server health”. What this likely means is that the Minecraft Dungeons servers are getting hammered with an influx of users, so many that it is unable to keep up with demand.

While patience is always going to win out in the end, there are some users that have had various fixes work for them. Reddit user SpookyFairy has said that their fix was to “keep tapping this ‘try again’ button until it worked” while Kordakin in the same thread stated that they simply restarted the game.

Because this seems to be a Minecraft Dungeons server problem, there aren’t a lot of fixes players can actually do themselves. Even resetting your internet probably isn’t going to do much. For now though, you can either keep trying to get in or wait around for Mojang to get a handle on the servers and coax them back in line.

While you wait for Mojang Studios to fix the “unable to verify game ownership” error in Minecraft Dungeons, take a moment to check out the Shacknews Minecraft Dungeons page. We’ve been hard at work whipping up a few guides that should help you on your adventures!

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