Mario Kart Tour welcomes Dixie Kong and Funky Kong

Things are getting a little funky with new Mario Kart Tour characters Dixie Kong and Funky Kong, swinging onto a mobile device near you.


Mario Kart Tour is welcoming two new characters into the fold, and both hail from the world of Donkey Kong.

You can start racing in Mario Kart Tour with both Dixie Kong and Funky Kong in-game now, though you'll need to grab them with Rubies if you want to add to your collection. They're both pretty excellent gets as well, if you can nab them and bring them to your races.

Funky Kong gets the Banana Barrel ability, which shoots off bananas just like Diddy Kong can. Dixie Kong gets Triple Bananas instead, which drops three bananas on the track, and everyone who plays Mario Kart should know what a major pain that can be.

There's a new trailer you can check out to see these swingin' apes in action, just in case you need to see what kind of monkey business they're up to. 

Mario Kart Tour recently introduced a new way to play multiplayer , with room codes and Team Races simplifying the way you can play online with your friends. Mario Kart Tour’s Update 2.1.0 has changed up the way racers can join up together and hit the track. 

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