Rust hits the road with Vehicles beta

Survivors in Rust are gearing up for a road trip, as Facepunch launches the Vehicles beta.


Survival on foot can be a brutal endeavor. If you're going to try and survive in a non-COVID apocalypse, you're going to need some wheels. It's taken Facepunch a while to get around to this idea, but they've finally come to the same conclusion. So on Monday, the developer revealed some new details regarding bringing vehicles to Rust.

Rust Vehicles beta

Since Rust is such an expansive game, adding vehicles is a massive change to the ecosystem and one that will require extensive testing. Let's allow the Rust website to explain.

Rust players can access two separate betas for Vehicles, one for the United States and one for Europe. The aforementioned Rust website has all the steps needed to download the beta branch.

Vehicles are a major change to Rust and will take some work to get operating in-game. They'll spawn in with heavy damage, no fuel, and no engine parts. Everything players need to get the cars in road-ready shape is sitting in the world, while higher-end engine parts are available at the Compound. The Compound will also have the vehicle lift you need for regular maintenance. Keep your vehicle maintained regularly, because if every module reaches zero, it's a giant paperweight. Just be aware that the vehicle lift requires electricity to run.

The Rust Vehicles beta is available now for Rust owners and should be ready for the full game later this year.

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