Nintendo Switch Online game count reaches 82 with four new games

The Nintendo Switch Online library continues to grow with four more games on NES and SNES, bringing the service's game count to over 80.


Nintendo Switch Online users are about to get another handful of games to their Super NES and NES libraries. Are they particularly glamorous selections? No, the user base pretty much knows what to expect at this point. But the story here is that with these four additions, the NES and Super NES game count has now reached 82.

Here are the games set to join the Super NES library on Nintendo Switch Online:

  • Wild Guns: Developed by Natsume, this game takes players out to the old west... sort of. This side-scrolling beat-'em-up/shooter crosses western genre with steampunk. You'll follow Annie and Clint as they seek revenge and take down a bunch of killer robots along the way.
  • Panel de Pon: Here's an interesting puzzle game that relies on matching up panels and hitting chains and combos. This game launched only in Japan in 1995, however it did eventually release in the United States as Tetris Attack sporting a Yoshi's Island aesthetic.
  • Operation Logic Bomb: From publisher Jaleco, Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search and Destroy puts players in the role of a cybernetically-enhanced soldier named Agent Logan. Use Logan's power to take down massive bosses en route to saving the Subspace Particle Transfer Project.

Meanwhile, the NES library will get this game:

  • Rygar: Released on the NES in 1987, this sidescrolling adventure blends together action and RPG elements. Players will take the role of the mythical hero Rygar and seek to take down the evil king Ligar and his army of beasts.

While these four games might not necessarily attract folks to the Nintendo Switch Online service, it should be noted that there's a special seven-day free trial available right now.

Even if you've already used up a free trial before, you can still take part in this latest free trial offer. Look for games like The Legend of Zelda (both the NES originals and the SNES' A Link to the Past), the Super Mario Bros. games, and the Metroid series on the service, alongside these four new offerings. Nintendo Switch Online is available for $19.99 anually.

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