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Nimbus+ is a wireless gamepad for iOS from SteelSeries

Take your mobile gaming experience to new heights with the Nimbus+ controller from SteelSeries.


For those looking to get the upper hand on the competition or for those that want more control over mobile gaming, SteelSeries has the answer: the Nimbus+. This is an evolutionary next step on the already critically acclaimed Nimbus that features support for gaming on iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as Mac and Apple TV.

SteelSeries’ Nimbus+ wireless gaming controller for iOS is available now

Mobile games, especially those that require two thumbs on the screen at once, can be tricky to get right. Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting your own digits for the screen while running out of room to make a turn or aim. When it comes to augmenting the experiencing, nothing helps quite as much as having a controller.

nimbus+ wireless controller
The handy mount makes mobile game a breeze with the Nimbus+.

SteelSeries had the answer for this a few years back with the Nimbus, but now the company known for its excellent peripherals has taken the design and features one step further with the Nimbus+. This next iteration of the controller features clickable joysticks, something called Hall effect triggers, and a 50-hour battery life. The controller also comes with the iPhone Mount, which is a necessity for mobile gaming these days.

As for the actual design of the Nimbus+, it features symmetrical joysticks like those seen on PlayStation controllers. Those who prefer offset thumbsticks might need to get acclimatised. As for the button layout, the Nimbus+ features A, B, X, and Y face buttons, though their coloring doesn’t match that of the Xbox. It also offers a D-pad and three buttons across the center that look to function as a Home, start, and select button. Or map and view.

For those that want to get their hands around the new SteelSeries Nimbus+, the wireless controller is available now at and will be available from the SteelSeries site on May 26. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews SteelSeries page for more reviews and news about the company’s latest prodcuts.

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