Ghostrunner gets new trailer and limited time demo on Steam

Stylish cyberpunk runner and action game Ghostrunner has a new trailer, plus a demo that's out on Steam for a week only.


When we played Ghostrunner earlier this year, we were in constant awe of how incredibly stylish and smooth the whole thing was. When I put all of my character’s a abilities together to murder everyone in a room and move on as quickly as possible to the next section, it felt incredible. Now you can see a glimpse of what I was talking about. One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks and publisher All In! Games have put out a new trailer and limited-time demo of their upcoming game.

The new trailer and demo for Ghostrunner was launched via the game’s Twitter on May 6, 2020. Starting on May 6 through May 13, 2020, players can jump in on Steam and check out a short experience of Ghostrunner, which can be described as Mirror’s Edge and cyberpunk meets Ninja Gaiden. You are a bodyguard who’s charge was killed by the system that runs the society around you. With the help of a mysterious AI known as Whisper, you’re going to climb the tower and discover the truth behind humanity’s last settlement. You can have a look at the new trailer for Ghostrunner just below.

Ghostrunner was tough but fair when we checked it out in our preview at PAX South 2020. The game guides you into a number of core mobile, offensive, and defensive moves you’ll be utilizing throughout the game before setting you loose and letting you decide how best to utilize them. When you figure it out, it results in a seamless symphony of death and stylish traversal through the dangers of the tower. With the demo out for a limited time, it’s a great opportunity to see what Ghostrunner offers and get a feel for the incredibly fast action in the game.

Ghostrunner is set to launch sometime in 2020 and will be available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can learn more on the game’s website. Be sure to stay tuned to Shacknews as well for more details and reveals as we await Ghostrunner’s launch.

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