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Neo Geo Pocket Color brawler SNK Gals' Fighters is out now

Throw down with some of SNK's coolest female fighters in this pocket-sized brawler from 20 years ago.


Looking for a way to turn your Nintendo Switch into a Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld? You can do just that with the release of SNK Gals' Fighters, which is now available on the system.

Just in time for the Neo Geo's 30th anniversary, SNK has re-released the colorful SNK Gals' Fighters for the first time on a console since it debuted 20 years ago in 2000. The fighter, the precursor to spiritual successor SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, is a 2D brawler that lets you take on a variety of female characters from different SNK franchises.

You've got Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury 2), Athena Asamiya (Psycho Soldier), Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown), and Akari Ichijou (The Last Blade) to name a few, all competing in a tournament called Queen of Fighters, organized by "Miss X." Each 1 on 1 match lets fighters duke it out either with special items equipped or without, and it makes for some fun fights that feel surprisingly smooth on the hardware.

This version of SNK Gals' Fighters on Switch uses a virtual Neo Geo Pocket Color overlay that lets you switch out shells for the system as well as the handheld's buttons, much like using a virtual console system that, well, Nintendo still hasn't given us. Plus, the game goes for just $8, so if you want to check out how this effect works, it's well worth picking up. Be sure to look out for our review soon.

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