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Psychological horror My Beautiful Paper Smile coming to Early Access

Keep that smile on your face unless you're looking for trouble in this dystopian world.


What’s creepier than people wearing demon masks and smiling children? The two of these put together. From the evil minds at Two Star Games comes psychological horror, My Beautiful Paper Smile. This indie game will be coming to Steam Early Access in June, for those that want to make lockdown a bit more terrifying.

My Beautiful Paper Smile enters Early Access

Launching into Steam Early Access on June 19th, My Beautiful Paper Smile puts players behind the mask of a hapless child known as one of the Joyous. These delightful children are raised with the single goal of becoming perfect. To attain perfection, one must always smile – lest they get taken away for a “session”.

My Beautiful Paper Smile Steam Early Access
My Beautiful Paper Smile has a unique, paper craft artstyle.

The whole aesthetic of My Beautiful Paper Smile is dark and eerie, thanks in part to its hand-drawn artstyle. The scratchy lines and creeping darkness is immediately foreboding. And of course, the saccharine smile plastered on everyone’s face doesn’t help either.

As for the journey players will go on, it’s got some real Brave New World vibes. The children are conditioned throughout their lives, but you want to break free. Players are guided by a voice trying to get them out of this facility, which is tough given the constantly watching Authorities. But beyond the research facility awaits a world they don’t want you to know about.

My Beautiful Paper Smile Two Star Games
Surviving the facility in My Beautiful Paper Smile is going to be difficult thanks to these creepy figures.

Two Star Games has previously released My Friend is a Raven, a free to play game on Steam that has garnered a lot of positive attention. Both games utilize a similar artstyle, so it will be interesting to see if there are any other overlapping themes or motifs.

My Beautiful Paper Smile will arrive in Steam Early Access on June 19th. Players that want to get spooky can get their hands on the game for $14.99 USD. Now then, time to turn on all the lights in the house.

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