How to grow Purple Tulips - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Looking to expand your flower garden and grow Purple Tulips? Here's what you need to do.


There are a lot of different breeds of flowers for players to collect and grow in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One that many have been trying to figure out how to breed lately are purple tulips. These prized and beautiful flowers aren’t nearly as difficult to grow as you might imagine, and we’ll walk you through how to grow purple tulips in this handy guide.

How to grow purple tulips

If you’re looking to grow purple tulips, then you’re going to need to understand the basics of flower breeding in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you aren’t sure how to crossbreed flowers in New Horizons, then you can check out the guide we just linked for more info.

In order to grow purple tulips, you’re going to need to crossbreed and grow orange tulips first. To accomplish this, you’ll need to acquire some yellow and red Tulips or seeds, and then plant then in a diagonal-like setup, similar to what we’ve done below.

how to grow purple turnips - acnh
Make sure to water your flowers every day if you're trying to crossbreed.

Once you have done this, water the flowers every day and wait for them to bloom. If they are already bloomed, then keep watering them each day until another flower sprouts up in the empty spaces next to them. You will need two orange tulips to crossbreed. When you have grown those, go ahead and place them next to each other in the same fashion as the red and yellow tulips. Continue watering them until you manage to grow a purple tulip next to them.

That’s really all you need to do. It might take a few days for new flowers to sprout up, and even then, they have a small chance to appear as the various colors that you’re looking for. If you find yourself struggling, you can also have some friends come over and water them for you, which is believed to increase the chances of them crossbreeding.

Now that you know how to grow purple tulips, make sure you check out the rest of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide for more information and content.

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