Rumor: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 sequel to feature '"gigantic" world with co-op

The next entry in the Horizon Zero Dawn saga is also said to kick off the new wave of PS5 releases that gamers can expect to see.


The next entry in the Horizon Zero Dawn series sounds like it could be a real doozy. And if you thought the last game took place in a large world, you haven't seen anything yet.

In a new report from VGC, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could be coming soon from Guerrilla Games, a sequel to 2017's open-world action game. It's not exactly shocking that Sony would want to follow up on this best-selling series, which ended up moving over 10 million copies since launching. Horizon Zero Dawn did quite well for itself. 

However, what is surprising is that while this sequel began life as a PlayStation 4 game, it appears now that it will be releasing a a PlayStation 5 title if it does indeed exist. According to sources familiar with the game, Guerrilla had originally planned for Horizon to be a trilogy of games. Development commenced on the sequel a short time after the first game shipped.

Right now, details are scarce about what to expect from the sequel, but according to VGC, Guerrilla is working on co-op for the next entry as well as "gigantic" world with more emphasis on player freedom. Supposedly co-op was actually supposed to be a part of the first game, too, but Guerrilla ended up needing to cut it out, unfortunately.

For now though, we don't have many more details than that. Sony is remaining quite mum on the matter. But then again, we don't even know what the PlayStation 5 looks like just yet.

If you're curious about jumping into the first game before any sort of sequel debuts, be sure to check out our review of Horizon Zero Dawn. Here's a small tidbit:

"Horizon often dives into the nature of interpersonal conflict as well. Each of a dozen or so major characters have strong, uncompromising perspectives. The dialogue comes from where most of the best dialogue does, when these personalities clash with equally valid points. I found myself frequently sympathizing and understanding where each participant was coming from, even during heated arguments."

What do you think? Is a sequel on PlayStation 5 warranted at all?

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