Chain Reaction bounty - Destiny 2

Learn how to complete the Chain Reaction bounty in Destiny 2.


Hunters are all worked up over a bounty in Destiny 2 called Chain Reaction. This bounty is obtained from Eva Levante in the Tower as part of the Guardian Games 2020. However, it’s extremely difficult to finish given that it appears to be bugged at worst, and at best poorly conceived and tested.

Chain Reaction

The Chain Reaction is for Nightstalker Hunters using the Way of the Pathfinder tree in their subclass. It asks for Guardians to defeat groups of at least five tethered enemies. It seems simple enough, but players are struggling with this one, which is why we’re writing a guide to help you out.

The first thing Guardians should try is heading to the Moon. Spawn in at Sorrow’s Harbor and head to the Lunar Battlegrounds. It’s there that you can find dozens of Vex that are more than happy to stand in a big group and let you tether them. Do this after clearing the first wave of Vex, firing the tether into the mob repeatedly. This strategy is one we found the 360GameTV YouTube channel, and we’ve embedded the video to let you see it in action.

A second strategy comes from Dadyal Gaming. This person loaded into the Last Wish raid and used the Wall of Wishes to skip to the Shuro Chi encounter. The advantage of this is that there is a spot to drop a Raid Banner, allowing you to get your Shadowshot instantly. Approach the door and wait for it to open. Start landing your Shadowshot in the mob of enemies and keep firing until you’re dry. Hopefully, this will lead to success.

Keep in mind you need to pull this off twice, so if you find that one of these two strategies work best for you, repeat it a second time. Just keep in mind that this bounty is currently landing somewhere between finicky and broken. We were not able to successfully complete it. We tried both strategies multiple times, with and without the Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter legs. It’s not you and it’s not us, it’s the bounty.

Now that you (theoretically) know how to complete Chain Reaction, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help solving all the mysteries of Guardian life in Destiny 2.

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