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Which character do I choose to start the game? - Trials of Mana

Your Trials of Mana experience will vary depending on who you take into battle. Shacknews is here to help you determine which characters to select to start the game.


Trials of Mana looks like a standard JRPG on the surface, but its story is more far-reaching than unsuspecting players might imagine. It isn't just that it goes well over 20 hours, but story experiences might vary depending on who the player decides to go into battle with. So that might lead to the question of character differences and how that might affect the player's experience. So which character do you choose?

Which character do I choose to start the game? - Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana - Which character do I choose

There are six playable characters in Trials of Mana. Let's get a look at them:

  • Angela: Princess of Altena, a land filled with magicians. Specializes in elemental magic.
  • Duran: A young warrior from Valsena. Focuses on up-close sword combat.
  • Kevin: Prince of the Ferolians, a race of savage beastmen. Attacks aggressively, moreso at night when he turns into his beast form.
  • Charlotte: Adopted half-elf daughter of the king of Wendel, the Holy City. Acts as support to heal party HP and status conditions.
  • Hawkeye: Member of the Nevarlan thief guild. Relies on luck and traps.
  • Riesz: Proud Amazon warrior serving the kingdom of Laurent. Can increase party stats during battle.

Selecting your primary character isn't just a matter of preference or even a matter of who will start the game. It will ultimately influence how the overarching narrative unfolds. The opening and closing hours of the story will unfold differently depending on who the primary character is. It can also vary depending on who your secondary characters are, as elements of their story will also seep into the main narrative.

There are three different big bads in Trials of Mana. For the sake of those playing Trials of Mana for the first time, we'll stray away from spoilers. However, each of those big bads also have a secondary lieutenant who will push the story forward. Here are the big-name enemies you'll encounter:

  • The Crimson Wizard: A sinister magic user with the power to use dark magic and also control minds. He is leading the forces of Altena and will be one of the central antagonists for Angela and Duran.
  • Goremand: A demonic plant-like creature, this baddie likes to feast on human souls. He is helping drive the war-like Beastmen as they seek to invade the surrounding lands. He is one of the key villains for Kevin and Charlotte.
  • Belladonna: Once known as Isabella, Belladonna has become a powerful witch, seeking to bring a mysterious dark force into the world. She is one of the major villains for Hawkeye and Riesz.

The main Trials of Mana storyline surrounds the Mana Stones and the dwindling essence of Mana, but the moving parts will ultimately be determined by the player's primary character and two secondary characters. So which character do you choose? Select your character wisely and enjoy your story.

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