Splatoon 2 Ketchup vs Mayonnaise Splatfest returns next month

After a long absence, the popular Splatfest event makes its return in Splatoon 2 next month. Here comes the competition of best condiments between ketchup and mayo.


The Splatoon Splatfests were always a fantastic time for the game as it pit the community against one another in various questions of utmost importance such as order vs chaos, money vs love, vampires vs werewolves, and much more. Thought to be done in 2019, Splatoon 2 is bringing the event back for one more good time, and this time it’s all about which sauce is boss again. Ketchup or mayonnaise?

Nintendo announced Round 2 of the Ketchup vs Mayonnaise Splatfest for Splatoon 2 via the Nintendo Vs Twitter on April 21, 2020. Starting on May 22, 2020, players will be able to take part in a bonus Splatfest in Splatoon 2 to determine, once and for all, the king of condiments. Players will be able to take up their side and fight for clout in Normal and Pro modes of Splatoon 2. The winning side will get to proclaim victory for their condiment as well as scoring rewards based on individual player participation.

Splatoon 2 players and fans may recall that Ketchup vs Mayonnaise was actually the second Splatfest to have ever taken place soon after Splatoon 2 launched. Back in 2017, mayo lovers united to bring Pearl victory in a hard-fought fight against Marina and her army of ketchup connoisseurs. Some years have passed since that fateful duel. In fact, Splatfests were supposed to have seen their end in 2019 when Nintendo said that Chaos vs Order would be the last one. So not only do we get a Round 2 in the heated contest of condiments, but Splatfests have risen from the grave for at least one more good time.

With this Splatfest set to take off next month, has your opinion changed? We’ll see where the chips fall and whether reigning champ mayonnaise can hold the crown this coming May 2020.

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