ShackStream: Indie-licious rebuilds civilization in Endzone - A World Apart

On this week's Indie-licious, we take a look at post-nuclear apocalypse city management sim Endzone - A World Apart. Civilization has collapsed. Let's rebuild it.


The world looks pretty broken sometimes. If ever the worst comes to happen and it completely falls apart, we should probably know how to put it back together. That’s where Endzone - A World Apart comes in: a city-building simulator set in a post-nuclear landscape. The bombs have dropped and the world was wiped clean. This week on the Indie-licious ShackStream we’re going to rebuild civilization on the irradiated slate.

The Indie-licious Shackstream looks at new indie games every Monday at 1:30PM PT / 4:30PM ET, taking deep dives into the latest and most interesting titles in the indie landscape. On April 2, 2020, developer Gentlymad Studios and publisher Assemble Entertainment launched Endzone - A World Apart in Early Access on Steam and GOG. Join us as we take a caravan of survivors out into the wilderness of a recovering nuclear wilderness to rebuild a community. You can catch it live on the Shacknews Twitch channel or check it out in the embedded livestream below.

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Endzone - A World Apart is a stark departure from your average city-building sim, with the world reclaimed by nature and yet ravaged by nuclear fallout, there will be plenty to contend with as you guide generations of your survivors towards a new era of humanity, community and civilization. As you harvest water and natural resources, as well as scrapping the remains of the old world for building materials and other secrets, you’ll have to weather the natural and unnatural elements of acid rain, sandstorms, and radiation in the world devastated by the mistakes of the past. Will your new society survive under your guiding hand or be swept away in the desolation?

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We’d also like to take a moment to mention a very cool effort behind Endzone - A World Apart. This isn’t just a game about rebuilding a broken civilization. It’s about making our world we live in now a better place. Assemble Entertainment has partnered with non-profit organization OneTreePlanted to launch the Endzone - A World Apart: Save the World Edition until April 17, 2020. You get the game and its official soundtrack, plus a tree will be planted for every copy of the Save the World Edition sold to help support a sustainable and green world.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to tune into ShackStream’s Indie-licious today as we give it our all to make the apocalypse livable in Endzone - A World Apart.

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