Cryptic Crytek Crysis tweet hints something new could be coming

The Crysis twitter hadn't been active since 2016, until just now. Could Crytek be up to something new with the franchise?


The Crysis franchise has been quiet for a long time, but a new tweet could hint that Crytek is back in action and up to something. Once a benchmark of modern PC gaming, could we be seeing a return of the infamous series?

The Crysis Twitter dropped a new tweet on April 13, 2020. It wasn’t much to go on, just a rather cryptic note saying “RECEIVING DATA,” but the fact of the matter is that it’s been more than a few years since the Crysis Twitter was active. The previous tweet to the April 13, 2020 activity was back in December 2016. The whole franchise has been quiet even longer with Crysis 3 having launched back in 2013. As such, the sudden activity years later is more than a little eyebrow raising and has the gaming community wondering just what’s up with Crysis in 2020.

It’s worth noting, Crysis hasn’t always been the apex of gaming mechanics, but it was nearly always the apex of visuals. Through each Crysis launch on the powerful CryEngine, it became a pretty popular meme to ask of any PC claiming to be worth its gaming salt, “Can it run Crysis?” As such, the Crysis franchise has built a little bit of a reputation as a benchmark utilizing the best visuals any generation of modern PC gaming technology has to offer. If Crytek is up to something fresh with the Crysis series and a Crysis 4 or something similar is indeed on the way, it’s pretty safe to say that hopes will be high for whatever Crytek has in store. We know we’re ready to start asking if our PCs can run Crysis 4.

Are you ready for a Crysis 4? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below and stay tuned as we watch for further reveals and details from the Crytek and the Crysis franchise.

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