Sea of Stars Kickstarter hits final DLC stretch goal before it's announced

Sea of Stars had one more stretch goal set for its Kickstarter, but before Sabotage could even reveal what it was, it was already funded.


Sea of Stars is a long way from being completed, but the team at Sabotage is already hard at work on it. They also have some great ambitions for the retro-style RPG, ones that they hope to hit with the help of their ongoing Kickstarter. Their crowdfunding effort has been blowing past a number of goals and before developer Sabotage could even reveal what the final stretch goal was, the Sea of Stars Kickstarter surpassed that goal.

"Our vision for stretch goals was always clear: we would not overcommit, we would not bloat our game, and we would not cause delays because of them," reads the Kickstarter post. "One thing we did want to do as soon as the game launched, however, was to start working on a fully fledged side-adventure DLC called 'Throes of The Watchmaker' demanding multiple months of dev, which would expand even more on the world of Sea of Stars and provide additional insight on the narrative overarching all of our games."

All backers who have pledged for a copy of Sea of Stars will receive the Throes of the Watchmaker DLC for no extra charge.

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter sits at over $560,000 after starting with an original $94,829 (CA$133,000) goal. Sabotage is hopeful for additional funding that can help against any unexpected development obstacles. However, the developer notes that the DLC is the last of the stretch goals and states that their vision for the project is "now officially whole."

There are still eight days to go before the Sea of Stars Kickstarter ends. If you want to learn more about this RPG set in the world of The Messenger, be sure to check out our Sea of Stars preview.

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