Pokemon GO Battle League Leaderboards lets trainer see how they stack up globally

Trainers in Pokemon GO Battle League can finally see where they stand against the best in the world with the launch of the Battle League Leaderboards.


Pokemon GO is more than just collecting pokemon. Sure, that’s a major thing, but with the Battle League, there’s definitely Trainers that want to be the very best (like no one ever was). Until now, there was really no way to see who the very best ever was, but Niantic has officially added the Pokemon GO Battle League Leaderboards so Trainers can see where they stack up in the world.

Niantic announced the new Pokemon GO Battle League Leaderboards via a blog post on April 9, 2020. Starting on April 10, 2020, players will be able to check out the Battle League Leaderboards at PokemonGOLive.com. Following format changes, players will be able to see their ranking based on the details below:

  • The top five hundred Trainers worldwide will be shown with their Trainer nicknames, team, rank, ratings, and match totals.
  • The rankings will be based on Trainers rank 7 and up.
  • The Battle League Leaderboards will be updated daily between the hours of 1PM and 3PM PT / 4PM and 6PM ET.
  • Trainers under active disciplinary penalties and those with inappropriate nicknames will be excluded from ranking.

With the launch of the new Pokemon GO Battle League Leaderboards, Niantic will be launching a special event, GO Battle Day: Marill, featuring the water and fairy-based mouse Pokemon and special activities for the Pokemon GO Battle League. That event will take place on April 12, 2020, so if you want to get your battle on and enjoy all of the fun and fanfare of the new Leaderboard system, that’s the day to do it. Will you be able to rise above the rest and prove yourself on the Pokemon GO Battle League Leaderboards?

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