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Cooking Mama: Cookstar unavailable digitally, physical copies out now

After a bizarre saga where Cooking Mama: Cookstar was unavailable for purchase, it looks like physical copies are available to buy once more, but not digital versions.


There's a new Cooking Mama game out, but you wouldn't know it from the total silence surrounding its release – save for the weird circumstances surrounding its debut.

After releasing on the Nintendo Switch eShop and then summarily disappearing (with accusations of being involved in a cryptocurrency mining scam), Cooking Mama: Cookstar was nowhere to be found for a bit, making it a bit of a rarer entry in the series. And while it doesn't seem like we still have a real answer about what's going on behind the scenes with the game, at least you can go ahead and purchase a physical copy now.

Cookstar still isn't available digitally, but you can head to publisher Planet Entertainment's website and snag a copy for $59.99 now directly from them before shipping. This is an odd turn of events, especially since there have been claims that the game had been part of a blockchain scam, there was a rights dispute and all kinds of additional drama going on in the past.

While we may never know exactly the cause of all the weirdness behind the latest Cooking Mama game, at least you know you can buy a copy right now if you really want to, with I have done. The product page looks pretty normal, except for a notice about COVID-19 issues potentially affecting delivery, but it looks like things are slowly getting back to normal for the game despite all the strange situations arising because of it.

Just a word to interested parties: If you're interested in trying the game at all, you may want to go ahead and snap it up just to be on the safe side. You never know if these might be the last copies on offer, or what. Worst comes to worst, you'll have a pretty rare game on your hards. 

Me? I just wanted to get some cooking done on Switch. I don't need more drama with my mama. 

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