How to "pass time" in the bar and wait for Tifa - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Learn how to pass time in the bar while you wait on Tifa and the rest of Avalanche to meet in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Early in Final Fantasy 7 Remake players will find themselves inside of Seventh Heaven, Avalanche’s iconic homebase inside of the Sector 7 Slums. While the team meets downstairs, Cloud is left upstairs to his own devices. Here’s everything you need to know to pass time and progress through the story while you wait on Tifa and the rest of the crew to finish meeting.

SPOILER: This article contains minor spoilers for the opening hours of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you don't want to spoil anything, then turn away now.

How to “pass time” in the bar and wait for Tifa

While Tifa has made Cloud an exceptionally tasty looking drink, there are a few things you can do inside of the bar while you wait for Tifa, Barret, and the rest of Avalanche to finish their meeting downstairs.

First, head over to the Jukebox. This is your first introduction to Jukeboxes, which can play the various Music Disc collectibles that you’ll find throughout the game. You can also collect one of your first Music Discs here – Tifa’s Theme. Once you’ve finished grabbing the disc, head over to the corner closest to the door. Here you’ll find a dartboard.

How to “pass time” in the bar and wait for Tifa
You can play darts and pick up a Music Disc while waiting for Tifa and the others in Seventh Heaven.

You’ll want to interact with the dartboard to kick off a sweet little mini-game which challenges you to complete a game of darts. This is jus the first of several mini-games you can run into throughout the game, so go ahead and get acquainted with the controls and play through a match. Once that is done, you’ll be able to finish up and then Tifa should return back to the main area of the bar, allowing the story to progress.

Now that you know how to pass time in the bar, head back over to our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide for even more handy information about the game. You can also check out our guide on how long to beat FF7R to learn just how long it will take you to complete the main story.

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