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Hasbro's Ghostbusters toy line includes new Proton Blasters and ghost figures

These ghost figures are based on new ghosts coming in the new movie, Ghostbusters Afterlife.


Ghostbusters is a deeply-beloved movie and a worldwide franchise. From its humble beginnings as a film, the brand has expanded into all lines of products. Shacknews had the pleasure of checking out the Hasbro booth at the Toy Fair, where we got to see first-hand some of the products expected to come out this year. Please check out the video below!

Ghostbusters Afterlife – Hasbro Toy Showcase

The first product shown off is the Proton Blaster MOD – which is short for Made on Demand. This is a modular Proton Blaster that has a myriad of features. As the name suggests, this device has a couple of attachments that directly impact how the unit functions. Some of the mods attach to the front and feature unique lights and sounds. The MOD has a mini-game built into the device whereby if you hear a ghost and react fast enough, you’ll hear a reaction from the ghost.

Also on display was the Proton Pack. This stylish blue backpack-like ghost-trapping device has its own Proton Blaster, a ghost whistle with a dial allowing various types of ghost noises to be made, and a PKE to detect ghosts.

It wasn’t just tools and equipment on display, but also a line of impressive figures. Each figure boasts several points of articulation and comes with a piece of the Build-a-Piece Terror Dog. The figures are scheduled to come out around June, ahead of the film’s July release.

Aside from the heroes, there was also a line of ghosts and spectres. These included a “fright feature” whereby moving or squeezing the figure in some fashion caused it to explode, revealing more grizzly details. The Stay Puft ghost, for example, tears apart, revealing a ghostly spine and dripping ectoplasm. There is also a ghost from the new movie, Ghostbusters Afterlife, called Muncher. By pressing his back, you can make the contents of his stomach bulge out the front.

Any diehard fan of Ghostbusters is bound to find something that clicks with them in this massive showcase. Be sure to check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for even more toy-related content and be sure to subscribe to keep up-to-date!

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