Steam just broke its record for concurrent users again

It looks like Steam is on track to keep smashing records, especially while most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Steam continues to break its own records left and right, and it's really no surprise with how much people are staying home nowadays. Its latest broken record comes in the form of its all-time active user record being smashed.

A month ago, Steam originally broke its record with over 20 million concurrent users. Now, the site has exceeded that number over the previous weekend, with 24,535,923 concurrent users on the platform at the same time. You can likely chalk it all up to bored players at home looking for something to enjoy to make the days tick by a little quicker. Quarantine can indeed be tough.

Previously, as analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, Steam hit a record of 23,434,674 for the platform's old all-time user peak. Both totals are pretty ridiculous, but it's nothing surprising considering how many games there are to enjoy on Steam and how boring it can get when you can't leave your home. What else are you going to do? Sit home and binge watch Tiger King? I mean, what do you do when that's over?

We'll likely see Steam continuing to smash records as time goes by and as the virus reaches its apex. More than anything right now, we need an escape from reality. We need exciting games to enjoy. And it looks like people are taking solace in crushing their backlog across Steam. Don't be surprised if these numbers continue to rise for another all-time record hitting the platform in the near future. It seems more likely than ever. And when it happens, we'll be here to report it. 

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