ShackStream: Thursday Night Shackbattle - BC2 Style

Today's episode of the ShackStream attempts to buttchug a box of Franzia and fire a Carl Gustav at flying jeeps.


Welcome back to the ShackStream, good folks. Today’s episode will see the potentially glorious return of the Thursday Night Shackbattle. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be the drug of choice for this endeavor.

Expect lots of jihad jeeps, spaghetti, man-children, tryhards, and sour grapes. Take a step back to a time when every game had aggressive bloom and wasn’t trying to directly copy Call of Duty. Grab yer Newports, a few bottles of Zima, and pull down your pants for an evening your butt won’t soon forget.

The fun kicks off at 9:00 PM ET (6:00 PM PT) on the Official Shacknews Twitch Channel.

As always, we’d like to take a moment and thank our subscribers and followers. These streams only happen due to your support and regular viewings. Another big thanks to those who participate in the Twitch chat. Your interaction means a lot to the streaming folks and is always appreciated. Viewers who have Amazon Prime are given one free Twitch Prime subscription a month if Amazon and Twitch accounts are linked. We would appreciate it if you would consider using your free monthly Prime subscription with us. Check out our Twitch subscription guide for more information on how to link your accounts.

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