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League of Legends 10.7 Patch brings the terror with reworked Fiddlesticks

The crows have never looked more foreboding. League of Legends Patch 10.7 has brought the reworked Fiddlesticks with it and all of the terror he represents.


Fiddlesticks was always meant to be the unparalleled boogeyman of the League of Legends roster, but as more characters have joined, he lost a little bit of that terrifying aura to bigger threats. Now, Riot is giving the living nightmare scarecrow back his mantle of spookiest champ. The League of Legends 10.7 patch has dropped and with it comes the reworked Fiddlesticks.

League of Legends 10.7 launched on March 31, 2020. With highlights and a full list of patch notes on the LoL blog, the biggest part of this patch is, of course, the launch of Fiddlesticks’ rework. Many of his abilities have entirely been reworked. His iconic fear spell has now been spread to each of his abilities. If Fiddlesticks is unseen for a time, his next ability will cause his opponents to flee. Meanwhile, his new Terrify is built to capitalize on this, scaring enemies and doing double damage if Fiddlesticks has inflicted them with fear recently. You can catch a full look at the highlights of the League of Legends 10.7 patch below.

Fiddlesticks isn't the only big thing in this patch. Characters like Akali and Ivern took a buff while Wukong and Garen fell under the nerf bat.
Fiddlesticks isn't the only big thing in this patch. Characters like Akali and Ivern took a buff while Wukong and Garen fell under the nerf bat.

With the 10.7 patch, Riot is also continuing to work hard on the state of premade duos and solos in regards to Autofill. League of Legends has been working on Autofill for a patch or two now with the goal of making it feel more fair to solo and duo players. After all, Autofill can truly feel like a bad time when you’re a fish out of water in your unfamiliar role while the other team has no Autofilled players.

With that in mind, Riot has attempted to make League of Legends balance how many players are Autofilled on each team, as well as balancing out how many grouped players are playing on each side. It will remain to be seen if they can pull it off, but the goal will be to make more balanced queueing where no side has a clear advantage of having every role they want where the other doesn’t. Be sure to check out the full list of League of Legends 10.7 patch notes for more info on who got nerfed and who got buffed.

That’s not all Riot Games has been up to. Check out how the company and its founders are donating to help relief efforts against COVID-19 in the Los Angeles area.

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