Classic Destiny 2 armor sets to receive seasonal mod slots

Unfortunately, not every piece of armor will be receiving the upgrade.


In the latest Bungie update blog, the company behind Destiny 2 announced a change coming to older sets of armor, while also touching on some fixes, as well as various rewards for Prime subscribers.

As Season of the Worthy slowly unfurls week by week, players are given the opportunity to clear new bunkers, upgrade them, and chase new weapons. But beyond new weapons are old sets of armor, returning to the meta thanks to the additional of seasonal mod slots.

When first brought forward, these old sets of armor lacked mod slots, making them quantifiably worse than their current-season counterparts. Players didn’t want to bother using them in their builds, and rightly so. This change looks to make some – not all – sets of armor a bit more viable this season.

Destiny 2 Heiro Camo seasonal mod slot
This Heiro Camo Warlock set will be receiving a Season of Dawn mod slot, for those that want to rock this armor set.

Players can expect to see the three faction sets receiving Season of the Worthy mod slots, with the following getting Season of Dawn mod slots:

  • Dead End Cure
  • Retro-Grade TG2
  • Heiro Camo
  • Road Complex AA1
  • Devastation Complex
  • High-Minded Complex

There is also a list of armor sets receiving Season of the Undying mod slots:

  • Red Moon Phantom
  • Mimetic Savior
  • Thorium Holt
  • Tangled Web
  • Prodigal
  • Frumious
  • Noble Constant Type 2
  • Ego Talon IV
  • Errant Knight
  • Kerak Type 2
  • Philomath

What’s interesting here is that a lot of these armor sets won’t actually be able to use the latest and greatest mods from Season of the Worthy. Furthering that, there still exists a whole lot of incredible armor that is no longer worth using given the lack of mod slots. Bill Lavoy’s favorite Woven Firesmith set from Black Armory and my personal favorite, Opulent Scholar from Menagerie, both lack any seasonal mod slots.

This seems more like a shuffle in the right direction rather than a full step. Hopefully this is just that, movement in the correct direction. It would be good to see more old sets brought forward so that players can continue to tweak their style.

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy moon bunker
Each Bunker in Season of the Worthy offers new weapons for players to unlock.

Beyond just armor and armor mods, Bungie also touched on a few fixes coming in the March 31st Hotfix While the main focus of the hotfix will be about Trials challenges not resetting, it will also fix problems with Season Pass only unlocking on one character, clearly a Legendary Lost Sector not dropping powerful gear, and a glitch where Sentinel Titans could extend the shield and banner by suppressing themselves.

Destiny 2 Twitch Prime rewards
Prime subscribers will receive Prometheus Lens, along with its ornament, a Ghost shell, and a ship.

For those Twitch Prime subscribers out there, expect to have a new weapon added to your arsenal this month. Prime subs can get their hands on the Prometheus Lens, a rather fantastic Trace Rifle that can clean up groups of mobs, as well as its Exotic Weapon Ornament, Eye of Osiris. There’s also the Tyrant Shell and the Fleet Ska IX Legendary Ship.

In the support section, Bungie notes that the Season of the Worthy Seal is not currently available to be unlocked. It will become available in late April, which is likely when some of the final Triumphs will be revealed.

You can check out the full update on the Bungie blog. For more information and guides on Destiny 2, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide, where we’ve been hard at work cataloguing literally everything about the game.

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