Weta Workshop shows off Borderlands & Apex Legends figures

Weta Workshop has always been known for its impeccable props, but it's also got a line of exceptional figures, mini figs, and statues based on games and movies.


Weta Workshop is known for its special effects and props, but it’s also a big player in the figurine and collectible market. We had the opportunity to speak with Lee Radmall at New York Toy Fair about a new line of Mini Epics, Borderlands 3 statues, as well as a very special set of Ghostbuster figures. Please check out the video below!

Weta Workshop showcases intricately detailed figures

One thing is immediately clear in the Weta Workshop stall at New York Toy Fair: each figure across every one of its franchises has a level of polish and detail not seen elsewhere. Whether it’s the larger statues from Borderlands or the smaller Mini Epics, each piece is well-thought out and accurate to the source material.

For lovers of all things Borderlands 3, the FL4K and Amara statues are bound to be a must-have item. FL4K can be seen with their trusty Guard Skag standing at their side. The wrinkles and creases of FL4K’s jacket, the bulky backpack, even their spindly legs are exactly how it looks in-game. As for Amara, the Siren ability power is flowing all around her, covering her fists as she’s mid-attack. They’re gorgeous pieces that are sure to be quite popular.

Probably one of the most amazing collections from Weta Workshop is that of the Ghostbuster line-up. Weta has opted to not go for realism, instead channelling a quirky and caricature-like quality. The end result is something that perfectly captures both the likeness of the characters but also the comical style of Ghostbusters. The Venkman figure in particular looks precisely how you would imagine Bill Murray to appear in a cartoon adaptation of Ghostbusters.

It’s not just the human characters either, but some of the ghosts. Weta has developed a 3D-printed Terror Dog as well as an exclusive glow in the dark Slimer.

Fans who want to get their hands on these will be able to find them on the Weta Workshop website. Be sure to check out some of the other videos from New York Toy Fair 2020 on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel as well as on the Shacknews channel.

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